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A. Write this number in expanded form. 1. 241.62 2. 421.5 3. 9528 4. 62.22 B. Write these words in standard form. 5. Two thousand six and twenty hundredths 6.

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Place Value Write each number in standard form. 1. nine tenths: 2. seven hundred twelve thousandths: 3. twenty and two tenths: 4.

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Expanded form is a way to write numbers by showing the value of each digit.

How to Do Expanded Form. The largest number is 9, which sits in the tenths (10).Use the place-value chart to show each number. a) 5.3678 b) 0.002 54 c) 27.631 d) 0.000 004 2. Write 0.003 21 in words. 24 3 0 4 9 20 4 0.3 0.00 0.004 0.0009 Tens Ones Tenths Hundredths Thousandths Ten-Thousandths.Write the value in expanded form. 9 3,835,278. 5 nine and four tenths 6 sixteen hundredths D Write the decimal that corresponds with the fractional part of.In expanded form, the decimal number is 2 tenths 3 thousandths.Word form and Standard form L1 S1. forty-nine and five tenths 49.5 2) eight and seventy-eight hundredths 8.78 3) five and twenty-five hundredths.

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Mahalo math expert Allison Moffett shows you how to write a decimal in expanded form. In the tenths position, divide the number by 10.How to Write a Whole Number in Expanded Form. is the tenths,.This lesson is about writing numbers to thousands in expanded form.List two fractions that are equivalent to 0.400. 6 Goal Read, write, and model decimals.Add thirty-eight and nine tenths, five and fifty-eight hundredths,.Write the number on a place value chart then write it in expanded form.

Number Name (Word Form) Standard Form (Base-Ten Numeral Form) Expanded Form. seven and nine tenths. four hundred fifty-seven and six hundred seventy-three thousandths.

sixty-five and thirty- two ten thousandths; 50,000,000

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How do you write nine tenths in decimal standard form and expanded form.


Repeat this sequence with two hundred two thousandths and nine hundred and nine tenths.

Writing out a number in its expanded form means that you break down the digits to show what.If you wanted this in decimal form, the first decimal place is the tenths and the second is the.Math Worksheet Answer Key for Write Expanded Form in Standard Form Decimals with TenthsWrite Expanded Form in Standard Form Decimals with Tenths Answer Key.

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When we read decimal fractions. expanded fraction form, expanded decimal form and expanded.Practice reading and writing numbers written in expanded form.In this lesson, students will gain and use knowledge of expanded fraction form to play a fun card game involving rounding.

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Math Worksheet Answer Key for Write the Number in Word Form Decimals with TenthsWrite the Number in Word Form Decimals with Tenths Answer Key.Example: Write 127.836 in words, expanded fraction form, expanded decimal form and expanded exponential form.

Topic B: Decimal Fractions and Place Value Patterns. and expanded form,.

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Decimals can be pretty confusing. Next, we have the digit 4 in the tenths place so we multiply that by 0.1: (4 x 0.1).In Expanded Form:2.0 0.3 0.06 0.005 0.0001. Ones Tenths Hundredths Thousandths Ten-Thousandths.Read and write decimals to the thousandths in numeric, word, and expanded form Read and write decimals to thousandths using base-ten numerals, number names, and.